On Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 04:26:01PM -0800, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> On 02/01/2016 03:36 PM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> > Thanks to setting up OpenProject, we now have a perfectly reasonable
> > place to record minutes for meetings. Here is what I came up with for
> > today's meeting:
> > 
> > http://shovel.snowdrift.coop/meetings/2
> > 
> > Any feedback on minutes format would be appreciated. Too terse?
> > 
> > p.s. to Aaron, Jason, and any other OpenProject admins: I went to
> > http://shovel.snowdrift.coop/admin/roles to allow the 'Anonymous'
> > role to view meetings. Without doing so, one would have to log in to
> > view meetings.
> > 
> Thanks Bryan! The Decisions and Next Steps sections are superb, but they
> should be *alongside* actual minutes that summarize the course of the
> discussion (not all the things said, but a brief overview of how the
> meeting went). Anyway, it's all a work in progress building these skills
> and we'll continue to document and plan better.

For what it's worth, I was following guidelines listed at the
Wikipedia article, which states, "Unless the organization's rules
require it, a summary of the discussions in a meeting is neither
necessary nor appropriate." The source for this is "Robert's Rules of
Order Newly Revised" (RONR), which was basically treated as gospel on
all these pages:


Do you know of another school of thought that would contradict this
one? If so, what purpose does the summary serve in that formulation?

Incidentally, I did summarize two of the sort-of-off-topic discussions
that happened, and I plan on sharing those to the relevant parties.

Agreed on progress. :) I hope we can continue to identify and fill
roles to keep things rolling smoothly.

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