On Tue, Feb 02, 2016 at 09:00:10AM -0600, Jason Harrer wrote:
> 2) As I'm reviewing and investigating more about what OpenProject
> can do and how we can organize things, I think it would be
> beneficial to take the time to try and establish the groups and
> roles and figuring out the workflow for OpenProject.
> ... I'm going to jot down my thoughts here for discussion purposes.
> ... Here are the thoughts on circles and who I think the leads would
> be:
> *Circles*
> Design (Robert)
> Development (Bryan)
> Legal (?)
> Project Management (me)
> Public Relations/Community (William)  (not sure if these should be two
> different circles)
> Requirements (Aaron)

This is valuable. It will always be a tradeoff between synchronization
and bureaucracy, but I think clarifying these roles will just give us
some peace of mind even if we continue to wear all the hats, all the

Here's some thoughts I have on the matter.

1. What is "design"? Is it visual design or product design? Those two
are related, but visual design is also related to development. I think
it might be good to keep all three distinct. Robert, you probably have
more experience here. Any feedback?

2. I am unclear on William's role. I don't think "community manager"
is the right title. That is usually a euphemism for "public
relations", which is (obviously) less about actual relations and more
about image and marketing.

Wikipedia says that community managers have responibilities like
social media management, marketing, PR, and customer support. However,
Aaron told me that he's also the one in charge of making relationships
with potential client projects. That does not sound like community

3. Until it's settled, we should have a task force (temporary circle?)
focused on co-op structure and governance. Let's become official.

4. Another area that needs immediate work is money transfer
partnerships. That one will need ongoing maintenance, as well.

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