On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 5:44 PM, Bryan Richter <br...@snowdrift.coop> wrote:
On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 04:25:08PM -0500, Stephen Michel wrote:

 Pre-Alpha (name?): complete site except funding mechanism, where
 hitting the 'pledge' button signs you up for the 'announce' email
  - Primary required work: UX & implementation

There's so much website that we already have — this step feels like it
could be elided. Can you provide justification for it?

First - I agree, there is relatively little work to be done. It can probably be completedaa in 1-2 weeks. Second - A primary function of this milestone is for us to get used to Openproject. I think it would be valuable to go through the process of {Create personas -> create epics (& user stories) -> implement an epic}, even if that epic is mostly implemented already, so we're used to that process when we move on to the next milestone. Third - I would include updating our introductory materials as part of this step. Also, reducing or eliminating "this page under construction" and "this page migrated from the old site so it may not look right" headers.

 Alpha: Self funding:  Real Money, only one project --
 snowdrift.coop, mostly-complete mechanism (doesn't need to account
 for multiple projects),
  - Primary required work: mechanism, legal, ongoing UX

I love this idea! I think it accurately reflects the priority of
figuring out real money asap.

 Closed Beta: all of the above plus complete funding mechanism,
 invite exclusively popular FLOSS
  - Primary work required: mechanism, legal, outreach, ongoing UX

Indeed, this would be the next logical step.

I still feel that "milestone" is the right word for these thresholds.

Seems reasonable.

There's one thing not addressed by any of the above: co-op and legal

I think that the co-op project is somewhat independent of the website
project, but I do not know to what degree that is true.

I think they are bundled with the above. For example, we need our coop structure in place in order to enter the alpha, because so far we've got, "If you're a patron of the snowdrift.coop project, you're a co-op member." We also need to know some, but not all, of how we will process transactions. When we go into open beta / early access, we need to know our legal status (eg, if we're a 501c3, that might restrict what projects we can take on).

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