On 03/01/2016 10:08 AM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> We've made some progress on concretely defining the goal for MVP, but
> there's a gulf between our current situation and that goal.
> Here is the shortest path to a working mechanism including
> notifications.
>     1. Begin hosting a new version of the site at dev.snowdrift.coop
>        with a fresh database.
>     2. Remove wiki and discussions*
>     3. Remove prototype code
>         - Events
>         - Notifications
>         - EmailDaemon
>     4. Take stock of remaining components
>         - Identify them
>         - Can we cut any more fat?
>         - What % completion is each component?
>     ** Things start getting fuzzy here. Make new plan after #4.
>     5. Refactor web pages away from the "alpha sprint" mess
>         - Use a single defaultLayout
>         - Deal with Handler/NewDesign.hs (shouldn't exist)
>         - Document deficiencies of the page-authoring framework
>           including of the CSS framework and page-test framework
>     6. Refactor the page-writing framework
>         - Document it
>     7. Integrate the mechanism library
>     8. Rewrite and integrate an events library
>     9. Rewrite and integrate a notifications library
>         - Including email notifications
>     * Step #1 only exists since there is still valuable content in the
>       wiki, discussions, and user profiles. The old site would stay
>       live until that data can be migrated to new homes.
> Discussion is appreciated.

This all seems sensible to me.

After MVP, I could see the migration of wiki data happening by adding
Gitit2 and then just moving the data over, we tweak that until we have
it working smoothly, ideally styled acceptably and sharing auth info. It
uses Pandoc anyway. But the thing is, it would be separate sub-site.

For migration of discussion stuff, that's a bit more complex. Once
refactored enough to be separate subsite, we can then figure out that
whole situation. I understand we won't get to it right away.

We can link from the dev site to the original site in select places,
losing type-safe URLs unfortunately, or make other decisions. For one
thing, I insist that the full launch of MVP (which is not at the
beginning of the process strictly) include some form of the
establishment process with the honor pledge as part of keeping our
dedication to safe, respectable community space front-and-center, even
if we don't have moderation integrated in all places. In other words,
all newcomers need to know that we have these values and a written Code
of Conduct that is used to address any concerns that may arise.

So, in general, I support this start-fresh and migrate as we can to
build up the core foundation for launch.


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