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In redmine I'm something of a sub project fiend. They are incredibly useful.

Like anything, they can be overused/abused.

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Question I want answered ASAP:

Do we want to make separate Open Project "projects" (perhaps as nested
sub-projects) for the legal/co-op stuff, the CiviCRM/community-networking stuff that Salt is handling, and maybe other really distinct areas of work?

If we do that, we should embrace it and start using OpenProject and meetings there and whatever to organize the tasks. Otherwise, we should clarify how we are going to keep track of these various areas of work.

In Holacracy, when you energize (fill) a role, you are responsible for creating publicly accessible lists of "next-actions" and "projects" for your role. If there are no competing priorities...
- Next-Actions are possible and useful to execute immediately.
- Projects require multiple actions to achieve and are useful to work towards.

My current thinking is that a next-action maps roughly to an OpenProject "Task" and a Project maps roughly to a completed user story. I'll see if this line of reasoning holds as I continue to learn about Holacracy.
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