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>> Implementing it here at Snowdrift.coop has been on the to-do list for a while,

It has? Where is this TODO list that this item is on?

AFAIK, the todo list in Aaron's head. On the slim chance my memory from when I was first reading about snowdrift several years ago serves me correctly, it's also on some really old discussion on one of the wiki pages.

Holocracy is a major shift in how things get accomplished. I’m not entirely sure if it’s appropriate at such an early stage , especially when things are just getting started and coalesced. It seems like the structure is already pretty well aligned with holocarcy. I’m not sure that a formal implementation would be helpful, my gut reaction is that it would be harmful.

I agree that our current structure is not *too* far off. There are also definitely pieces we could implement informally.

I think one common tension recently is the feeling of "I'm not really sure what I should be doing." I can't speak for the group on this, but I think defining our roles would be a very helpful process. I also think that the feeling of uncertainty has a lot to do with how busy Aaron's been, and since his life is going to get a whole lot busier soon, I think we need a system with more distributed authority (or appoint another supreme leader with his dedication and prior availability). I also think that our meetings are often less efficient than they could be, and the holacracy process could help there, as well.

I agree that certain parts of holacracy may not be appropriate for an organization of our size -- some of the process may be overblown -- but I do think it's an overall positive. We can also adapt Holacracy to fit our needs -- if there's a certain part we find unduly cumbersome, we can drop it. Also, the closer we are to Holacracy already, the less dramatic of a change.

It's also true that whatever solutions we find don't need to be Holacracy. I moved ahead with this because Aaron wanted it, I perceived a need, and wanted to make something happen to push us forward. I'll freely admit I'm not the most experienced in this area, and am happy to discuss further.
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