There are two meetings planned for tomorrow/today, depending on when you read this:

1. A governance meeting from 17:00-18:45 UTC, to finish ironing out our work structure. 2. Our first official tactical meeting, from 19:00-20:00 UTC (the usual time).

In Holacracy, tactical meetings are focused on removing roadblocks to getting work done. They have time to share information so everybody is up to date, and time to bring up issues that are blocking progress and figure out who needs to do what to resolve them.

All of this can actually be done outside of tactical meetings. In some sense, tactical meetings are simply a convenience, particularly for when it's important to quickly get input from multiple people, or when it's unclear who can fix a problem.

That is to say, if you need/want something and know who to ask about it -- which our work structure will hopefully make clear -- go ahead and talk to them about it. No need to wait until the weekly tactical meeting to take initiative. View our current work structure here:
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