On 03/16/2016 10:39 PM, Stephen Michel wrote:
> The initial work of clarifying our roles according to Holacracy is done.
> From now on, we'll modify those roles through the normal governance
> process. The goal here was not to make major changes, only to make our
> written structure actually reflect our actual structure -- and then
> continually modify our structure through the normal* governance process,
> going forward.
> Now: There is one huge document
> Soon: I will break it down into an easier-to-read format.
> Now: It's living on github [0]
> In the future: it will live on githost, along with the rest of our code
> base (but in a different repo).
> Now: I'm just going to leave the link here
> Soon: I'll send out a summary of the most important clarifications
> [0] https://github.com/smichel17/snowdrift-governance

Anyway, the Board doesn't actually exist yet. There's a "steering
committee" which hasn't been as active since we got a clearer team
structure otherwise. So really, we shouldn't act like there's a Board in
place. The status is that there's a plan for a Board that is *overdue*
for being in place but still needs to be done.

The GM doesn't necessarily handle petitions and board elections, those
things aren't clarified at this time, are going to be specified in the
Bylaws. I'm not sure how that's set but it's part of the co-op issues
bigger than Holacracy. Maybe it'll be tasked to the GM or maybe outside
of Holacracy via some other committee, not sure.

Overall, I definitely see other issues I'd like clarified and roles
adjusted and different people fit into roles, but I agree that this
provides a start and we can use the governance process to improve from here.

Thanks for all the great leadership, Stephen!

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