On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 07:04:26PM -0400, Stephen Michel wrote:
> 1. Weekly tactical meeting, on Monday. In the meeting, we'll be
> prioritizing and grooming our backlog.

I'd rather these be three separate meetings: tactical, prioritizing,

The best scrum analogue to the tactical meeting is the standup. A
standup is a daily 5-minute-max meeting. At most, it creates an agenda
for dealing with blockers — nothing more. A tactical meeting's purpose
is a perfect superset of a standup's purpose, so let's just stick with
the 'tactical' format for this meeting, maybe.

Grooming is an all-hands thing, but it has a very specific goal and
very much depends on prioritization happening first. It *could* be
done during a tactical meeting, maybe, but....

Prioritizing is something that is the output of one particular team. I
would rather have *less* people involved in that process at first, or
we won't get anywhere. I'd like to do that today, and then do grooming

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