Yes. I think this is a great idea. By making it opt-in we can encourage
people to be a sustaining member without rejecting the people who are used
to one-time-only donations.

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 12:11 PM, Aaron Wolf <> wrote:

> So, I learned from in research in traditional fundraising this
> interesting bit:
> This pertains to fundraisers wanting to get people to sign up as ongoing
> members where they donate monthly or annually (no matching in these
> traditional cases, of course — nobody has built the model
> yet). If they include an opt-in checkbox for "one-time only donation" in
> what would otherwise assume that everyone signing up is going to be a
> sustaining member… then the mere presence of that opt-in choice results
> in *more* people becoming sustaining members!
> In other words, when people feel they aren't forced into being
> sustaining donors but have a choice to do one-time-only, they end up
> feeling more comfortable with going ahead and becoming sustaining
> members after all.
> So, we could use this idea in our design. We'd provide an opt-in choice
> to participate only once for just the next month's pay period. We'd set
> it up so that we don't encourage people to choose that. But maybe this
> would end up helping more people accept the normal sustaining pledge
> that we want everyone to go with…
> Incidentally, besides hearing thoughts from others, I'm not clear in our
> new project management where is the best place to write down this idea
> so that it gets discussed and can then be something our research and
> design folks can consider and test…
> Cheers,
> Aaron
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