I wanted to bring an existing discussion on to the mailing lists to
spread the word.

Existing discussion: https://tree.taiga.io/project/snowdrift/issue/360

To quote myself there,

    In order to focus development and drastically reduce maintenance
    burden, I have deprioritized and removed all website features
    except the funding mechanism. One of the features that was trimmed
    was discussions, which primarily means all wiki discussions.

    Per @wolftune, "there is valuable content that needs to be some
    mix of archived/moved to wherever that content should best now

I go on to list a couple options.

Right now, I think I want to go with option #1, which is to provide
read-only access to the content on a new subdomain:

Even after removing all these website features, we still have a
tremendous amount of work to do. I think this will let the separate
teams move forward in parallel without too much time lost
synchronizing. But, I don't like that a new domain is yet another
dangling loose end, with some unavoidable maintenance burden that will
accrue as long as it's around.

Any better ideas out there?

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