Website work is blocked on taking care of the blog, so let's do that.
We have to make some decisions, but first we need to agree on what
purpose we are trying to achieve.

To frame the "purpose" discussion, I'll pose the first question: Where
does the blog live? The decision flowchart starts with:

    1. Blog lives on the main site
    2. Blog lives somewhere else

Which shall it be?

But let's not simply answer that question. Let's start by
understanding why we have a blog, and figure out what we need to make
it a success. From there, it should be easier to agree on this
decision, and the ones that follow.

Here's my brainstorm for the blog's purpose:

    1. Show signs of life
    2. Keep people engaged
    3. Talk about problems we're facing
    4. Talk about progress we've made
    5. Add more content to the Internets, making it easier for people
       to find us in searches

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