Hiya, I'm sending this to the whole ML so it will also be a public
status update. :)

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 11:01:20PM +0200, Robert Martinez (mray)
> Since I could not reach you in the last meeting I write you:
> 1. What is the current situation about Sass - are we going to use
> it?
> 2. I'm a bit disconnected since most things i'm working on are are
> not mvp in the sense that they need "design", since design itself
> isn't MVP releveant really. in how far am i slowing you down by not
> working on some html or css right now instead of doing "design stuff
> (tm)"?

Moving to a CSS framework seems like a great idea, but I don't think I
will personally get to it in the next couple months at least. Other
people are welcome to work on it, however.

Ikomi is asking me these same questions in IRC right now. I'm really
focusing on the mechanism and money right now. You aren't slowing me
down. I don't mind if people work on the style architecture.

Suggestion #1: It would be nice to have a "target" to shoot for when
putting together the Dashboard and Project pages, however. Otherwise I
will just put a button on the Dashboard that makes a person pledge to
Snowdrift, and another button that takes them to /payment-info. That
will be it.

Suggestion #2: Someone is also welcome to create a new version of
/payment-info that doesn't have proprietary JavaScript on it (or any
JavaScript at all even).

My Status:

Today I worked on creating a unit test framework for interacting with
the Stripe API. I am having Fun With Types™. Someone else did this
recently, and I will ask them a few questions.

Previously, I integrated Stripe far enough for users to register
credit cards.

Coming Up From Me:

(This list is not necessarily ordered. Input welcome.)

1. Let people pledge to Snowdrift.
2. Build a utility that will look at the pledges and send payment
commands to Stripe.
3. Keep track of a history of pledges, unpledges, and payments.

Things I Need Help With:

1. Let's move master to production! We need to email all existing
users according to a plan we agreed on last month. I sent the list
(and instructions) to wolftune and Salt. That migration is all there's
left to do.

2. UI mockups would be appreciated. There has been discussion about
the Dashboard, Payment History, Pledge History, and Project pages.
Somebody could take the lead on some of those. mray? Ikomi?

3. As mentioned above, somebody could rewrite /payment-info to not use
proprietary JS. JazzyEagle? Other Haskeller?

4. Thoughts and plans about anything on Taiga.

That's all from me for tonight. TTYL!

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