On 09/19/2016 01:57 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> "Free the Commons" is a nice, short, relevant slogan. It's a call-to-action.
> But freeing in what sense? What commons? What are "the commons"? And
> technically, "commons" are rivalrous shared resources, not actually the
> public goods which are technically what we're working with.
> I just was chatting with Robert and ended up saying "I don't think we'll
> come up with much better, but the idea we want to express is something
> like 'Crowdmatching to fund public goods'"
> Well, what do you think?
> ** Crowdmatching to fund public goods **
> It's longer and wordier than "free the commons" but is more accurate. It
> gets right away into our use of 'crowdmatching' and clarifies that it's
> for fundraising, and uses "public goods" correctly. I'd think a reader
> would immediately say "what's crowdmatching?" and "what are public
> goods?" at which point those are indeed *the* two questions we want
> people to ask and that we want to answer concisely in order to introduce
> Snowdrift.coop.

I strongly agree.  I while ago I suggested "Catalyzing creation of
public goods" among other ideas for a new tagline.  "Catalyzing
creation..." was definitely too vague, but the term "crowdmatching"
didn't occur to me until a few months later.  I think this new
combination of "crowdmatching", "fund", and "public goods" is excellent
and should be a big help in quickly giving people a basic understanding
of what Snowdrift.coop is about.

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