So, I understand that in the long-term there may be issues with how to
pass on fees. I'm not sure about those details, so this is about how to
do it initially.

First, the premise: As a financial system trying to get people focused
on how public goods actually work and are actually funded, we don't want
fees hidden and absorbed. We want people to see and experience the costs
of the tools they use.

So, the idea is that we want people to know that 100% of a pledge value
goes to a project even though they will also have to pay the processing
fee when using Stripe.

Side-note: if we made it possible to use Dwolla instead or other no-fee
options, this would be a non-issue for those cases.

Ok, so, for our initial operations, is there a reason we can't just add
the fee amount to the total that we charge everyone? That should be
baked into our mechanism calculations. The charge is: base * patrons + fee.

Technically, I suspect Stripe would claim that all of that (including
the fee) is going to the account directly from the donor,
but then in reality, Stripe will take the fee out for themselves before
actually giving us the money. But we can then express to the donor the
true amount we get, what Stripe is taking, and express that the fee does
not reduce the money received per the crowdmatching calculation.


Aaron Wolf

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