Do you guys have any serious, practical, defined, concrete, real plan to bring 
Snowdrift up to a working state anytime soon? Because I've been following this 
project for years, and all I see is talk and talk and nothing ever happens. 
You've already spent probably more than 10 grands as well (I even donated to 
your campaign!), and all we have now is just a mailing list, and a white-page 
website with a bunch of comics on it. And now I've found this comment "we're struggling to get 
launched still", that needless to say made me very angry. Does it mean that you 
won't be ready for another 5 years? Is there any hope you'll have something by 
the end of this year? Because let's be honest, you're not working on Snowdrift 
as you'd work on a project that you want to succeed; you're working on it as a 
spare time hobby.
I'm mad because I really think Snowdrift is a cool project, and *you* are cool 
people who care about free software. I want to use and support Snowdrift just 
because there isn't anybody else out there that cares about freedom of software 
and art works. And this is clear from your page hundreds of websites, 
all of them suck because they either don't take freedom into consideration, or 
have ridiculous fees (they are not non-profits), or both. But goddamn, you guys 
don't know how to manage a project! Instead of hiring developers, you should 
hire a project manager who doesn't take bad decisions and who knows how to get 
this project going. You could already get hundreds of free developers if only 
you chose a language other than Haskell.
Besides, if you don't know how to get this "snowdrift" idea going, just quit 
this bullshit and start with something simpler, for example classic, 
traditional donations and work your way to the "snowdrift" on a later time. 
Let's be real guys, sooner or later you will eventually have to implement other 
donation types (other than your "snowdrift" idea), just because people donate 
in many different ways (for example one time, or maybe once a year on 
christmas). So, if you can't get snowdrift going, just start with something 
simpler and build on that. You should realize that I don't care about your 
project because the "Snowdrift" is any revolutionary idea; I just care about it 
because it's free, because I know the people working on it understand what 
freedom is, and because there is nobody else doing the same thing. And I feel 
most people feel the same.

Please stop the talking, the postponements, stop telling people what you want 
to do and just do it ffs. Start with something simple, do a prototype, get 
feedback, stop wasting time. If you don't, your project will be a huge waste 
and you'll be dead as soon as some other person who cares about freedom decides 
to start a similar donation platform. And let me tell you, when that happens 
people won't give a glorious damn of your revolutionary snowdrift idea, they 
will just care of a free platform that works (and if the "snowdrift idea" turns 
out to be any useful, the cost of adding that for them would be minimal 
compared to your cost of fixing a broken platform).

Peace \o/
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