What this currently does:

    - Enables configuring payment info
    - Enables registering/unregistering a pledge.
    - Tracks a history of pledges and unpledges.

What this does not do:

    - It does not reintegrate the prototyped utilities that do the
      crowdmatch event and that trigger payment transfers.
    - Pledge/Unpledge history is not displayed

This is enough to launch! It is not enough to actually do crowdmatching,
but we will have another two weeks to finish that, which is enough.


I am pausing here to reintegrate all this code, and to turn my
attention to the production branch in order to prepare for the swap.

Later today, I will merge this and deploy it to

Once it is deployed later today, I strongly encourage you to create an
account, input fake payment info, and "pledge".

Since this is only using Stripe's testing api, you can put in the
following fake details to register a credit card:


Card no 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiration: any time in the future
Security number: any 3 digits
Zip code: any N digits

I'm not sure how many digits are needed for zip code, and I'm not sure
how this works for non-US addresses. Please try it and let me know.


That took a while. Thanks for waiting. There's still a ton to do, code
and otherwise. Good luck to us all.

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