Now that the reboot of the site is operational, I think it's time to
start at the top and work our way down to our next immediate goals.

Well, I'll skip ahead a bit, because I think it's obvious:

I propose we set a target for Snowdrift's monthly crowdmatch income, and
hit it as soon as possible. This seems like the best way to guarantee
the successful project we all want to see.

I think the other viable alternative is to set a goal of a certain crowd
size. That's the more idealistic goal. But we need realistic goals, not
idealistic ones. :) By making income the goal, it frees us to tweak
donation settings to be successful with possibly fewer patrons.

So what should the amount be?

$1000, because it's a nice round number?

$3500, to adequately cover current expenses?

$6000, so Snowdrift can continue paying me to be lead developer? (I
can't keep going at my current rate.)

We should also set a timeframe for our goal, so we have some way of
measuring the passage of time and progress.

We need to feel out what sort of goal is truly realistic. I have no
idea. Aaron and Salt, how many people do you think will sign up to
support us in the next — say — three months? Everyone, what sort of
crowdmatch tweaks are the most likely to be successful?

Right now we're growing at about one patron a day (up to twelve
now!) What does success look like? A one-time step to 2000 patrons? A
smooth curve?

To me, these are the most important questions is facing
right now.


P.S. This says nothing about the priorities and projects of the separate
teams within our organization. I had actually wanted to talk about that,
but I'll leave it for another email.

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