On 12/09/2016 10:00 PM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have taken a full-time job in Portland, so effective immediately I am
> "just another" Snowdrift volunteer. Yay! Now I can continue to help out
> the project without being a big, immediate expense for the organization
> while its cash flow is so miniscule. Of course, my time will be much
> more limited, and I will have to engage even more via email/forum/bug
> tracker/other non-realtime means. But I'm still around.
> I think my focus will probably shift towards writing documentation,
> standards, and guides for Snowdrift code. Facilitating more volunteer
> contributions has always been one of my accountabilities — now I'll
> just make it my main effort.
> Of course, this is all flexible.
> :)
> -Bryan
> p.s. the job is with Formal.tech, a spinoff of Galois Inc, and it's
> Haskell to the max (for now).

Congratulations, Bryan! And super glad you're still around both in terms
of the project in general and locally for the project and as a friend.

As far as I see it, the key tasks you still have as volunteer version of
development lead (you still have that role until/unless some time it is
passed on) include mainly:

* authority over various parts of technical infrastructure (sysadmin
stuff I suppose you'd say), including the primary task of deploying
updates (by the way, you can deploy the new master where I removed
Dwolla from the donate page)

* the meta guiding roles for the code (that's what you mentioned: being
the leader who instructs volunteer coders on how to do things, has final
say on code merges, final say on code style, etc). You obviously can and
should delegate any of these responsibilities to others as you deem them

I suppose the Holacracy stuff should specify this more clearly. I still
need to review that more and we can all get on top of that better.

I have hope that the continued Haskell connections with your work may
even lead to new volunteers, continued growth in your skills, and other
positives besides stability and income.

Thanks again for getting us launched to our first beta. I think the bulk
of the *immediate* tasks going forward are design-related and
community-related where we need you just to consult at most. But we
certainly want to continue to assure that everything is as approachable
to volunteers as possible so that we can have a good programming team
for the next big development stage which will be when we add other projects.

I've *loved* working with you over the past nearly 2 years and couldn't
have hoped for a better person for the job! Sometime (not priority) I
mean to update our history wiki page to document more about all the
major shifts and progress and challenges that we've gone through in this
stage of things.

I look forward to continuing with you on the new non-contractual regular
partner volunteer basis.


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