On 12/22/2016 06:50 PM, Jason Harrer wrote:
> Not sure where my comments would fit into the conversation, so please
> forgive me in advance for responding on top instead of within the thread.
> I think the topic of next steps is a great idea.  I think the topic of
> modifying the current logic is rather premature.  We don't have enough
> data to determine the efficacy of what we already have.  I strongly
> recommend we wait for the mechanism to start working before we determine
> whether or not it's broken.
> I feel we need to focus more on website functionality instead.  As I see
> it, we have several great possible next steps that ultimately need to
> get done (though not sure what order we want to tackle them):
> 1) User enhancement:  We have the bare minimum user capabilities (not
> even a user's name anymore).  We could take the time to flesh out the
> user's settings, make administration pages to allow a user/admin to
> reset passwords (get away from manually making manual changes to the db).
> 2) Project pages:  Obviously, this needs to happen before we can add
> more projects, and we would need to consider whether or not we would
> transition the Snowdrift.coop project into the same framework we set up
> for all other projects.  Plenty of work to be done in this area:  The
> page itself, sign up pages, admin pages (because, again, better
> ultimately to avoid manual changes to the db)...
> 3) Data reporting:  We've discussed in the past setting up charting
> using SVG or some other format easily integratable (not sure if that's a
> word, but...) within HTML/CSS.  We'd need to determine what data we want
> to present, set up functions that calculate the data and the front end
> to display it.
> 4) Subsite integration:  We already have SSO code for Discourse, but not
> sure if/which other subsites will need to be integrated into
> Snowdrift.coop for use by normal users.  If there are others, we'll want
> to try to figure out SSO for them as well.  We may also want to figure
> out some site integration testing for the various subsites to ensure we
> don't accidentally break something down the road.
> Any thoughts on this?
> - Jason (JazzyEagle)

All great thoughts, Jason! I hope that we get the SSO and the rest of
Discourse set up soon, because this is a perfect case for it. I want to
move your post to a new thread etc. but that's not how mailing-lists work…

I think *discussing* this is good here and then Discourse when ready.
Doing the actual organizing about which things are priority and should
have our attention should still be at

Personally, I'm taking the limited focus I have and working on writing
things that relate to intro video, wiki content, stuff in Discourse,
etc. and wanting to prioritize getting to a point where we can look at
the site and feel good enough to make an announcement about the alpha

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