On 01/31/2017 01:50 PM, Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen wrote:
> Hi,
> Being one of the 30 patrons so far, I think it's stalling a bit too much at 
> the moment.
> So I have made a A4 flyer suitable to hang on the many pin boards along the 
> hall way
> track at FOSDEM this weekend.
> The audience at FOSDEM is 5000+ free and open source developers and project 
> maintainers.
> http://asbjorn.it/pub/misc/noidx/snowdrift/fosdem2017.pdf
> http://asbjorn.it/pub/misc/noidx/snowdrift/fosdem2017.svg
> If blessed I will print them on thursday around noon UTC.

Thanks so much for being proactive! Last year, we had someone from the
team at FOSDEM, but that didn't happen this year although there are

We really need to at least summarize the situation in a public fashion:

Our lead developer left his dedicated position (and our immediate
funding ran out), although he's staying on as a volunteer. He got the
first real pledging functioning, but too much of the setup and the
operations of the pledging is left in a non-final state. We've been
scrambling (all as volunteers) to get to a state we feel will have a
positive result from lots of attention.

Those who already support us will be excited to see the progress, but
we're not in a good state to give a good first impression.

Our goal is to verify that the actual payout system is operating
correctly and clean up the design so it's acceptable to get good
impression for newcomers.

Anyway, I think the poster does a good job of expressing the in-progress
early-alpha situation. In the debates about whether attention is good
before ready or whatever, I'm not sure what's right. I'm not opposed to
spreading the word with adequate qualifications.

I do find this bit confusing:

n patrons pledges n mUSD / month = n^2 mUSD / month

I understand exactly what it means, but I don't think it's clear enough
to someone seeing the poster.

Typo "too be made" should be "to be made" but I'd change to "will be
adjustable in future" or something like that.

Overall, I appreciate the support and pro-activeness enough to lean
toward giving an "okay" in sharing this etc. even though it's not
perfect. Perfect is the enemy of the good.

I would like to see what others think. As long as it's totally clear
that this is NOT the big alpha launch announcement, it's better to get
volunteers and interest than not. We definitely need CiviCRM used better
and keep organized that way around the contacts.

P.S. I saw you made a separate donation as a pre-launch sponsor! Thank
you!! It's in my list to follow up and to add you to the /sponsors page
if you'd like to be listed etc.


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