On 31.01.2017 22:50, Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen wrote:
> Hi,
> Being one of the 30 patrons so far, I think it's stalling a bit too much at 
> the moment.
> So I have made a A4 flyer suitable to hang on the many pin boards along the 
> hall way
> track at FOSDEM this weekend.
> The audience at FOSDEM is 5000+ free and open source developers and project 
> maintainers.
> http://asbjorn.it/pub/misc/noidx/snowdrift/fosdem2017.pdf
> http://asbjorn.it/pub/misc/noidx/snowdrift/fosdem2017.svg
> If blessed I will print them on thursday around noon UTC.

Thank you!

We certainly can use some more attention among developers.
On that short notice here is a more snowdrift-ish version of that flyer:

You may have to install fonts if you keep working on the SVG:

BTW: Knowing about the need of material earlier is better.


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