Hi everyone,

It's been a weird week, sorry for the last-minute announcement (meant to
send much sooner).

At the last meeting, we decided to try to alternate the time
every-other-week so that other people might participate. We may lose and
gain some people with each switch, but we think that's worthwhile to
overall include more of us in live meetings.

Anyway, we will meet on Mumble via address: p.chreekat.net (I have port
64438 for reference) at 23:00 UTC tomorrow (that's 4PM Pacific), and
then go back to 20:00 UTC next week.

We may experiment a little to see what works best, but we aim to
solidify an every-other-week earlier-then-later arrangement.

Anyone is welcome to join us.


Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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