I just sent the following email to the initial set of patrons to the
Snowdrift.coop project!

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Subject: The first crowdmatching donation at Snowdrift.coop!
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2017 12:11:30 -0700
From: Aaron Wolf <aa...@snowdrift.coop>
Organization: Snowdrift.coop

Greetings patrons of Snowdrift.coop!

Somehow you figured out that we were actually accepting pledges even
though we still haven't made a public announcement! You successfully
pledged as one of 70 patrons.

## The SHORT version ##

We've run the crowdmatch event for the first time finally! Your account
is now billed 7¢. We won't actually charge your credit-card until you
reach a higher total so that the fee from Stripe will be no more than
10% of the total. So, the 7¢ will be carried over to next month's charge.

Thank you for your support!

## The background details, updates, perspective: ##

I'm giving a talk at SeaGL http://seagl.org/ later this week about all
the challenges and story of why it's taken so long to get Snowdrift.coop
working. I won't go into it now, but I plan to write a blog post about that.

Today, we are finally getting through a lot of foundational issues to
clean up the code, the design, the legal stuff, and get to where we are
ready to announce the working system more widely. As soon as that
happens, we're sure to get a lot more than 70 patrons, and then you'll
be donating more along with everyone else.

I plan to adjust our messaging also to emphasize further that this is
about building *solidarity* on the demand-side: the users, readers,
citizens, general public. Snowdrift.coop isn't just about raising money,
it's about building cooperation so that creative projects depend on and
answer to the general public and serve the public interest instead of
primarily serving a few big donors, enthusiasts, corporate clients, or

We know you could donate more than 7¢, but we want you to donate more
*with* everyone else and *not* accept the premise that a small core set
of patrons do all the work while others freeride. You will donate more
by recruiting others and the crowdmatching growing for everyone.

That said, "bootstrapping" and "dogfooding" are unrealistic concepts.
We, as the core set of Snowdrift.coop patrons and volunteers simply
cannot get to a fully working system by pretending that it's already
fully working. "Bootstrapping" comes from "pull yourself up by your own
bootstraps" specifically as a sarcastic retort to those who push the
mythology of self-made-men etc. To get launched initially, we will
gratefully accept larger grants and other support. See
https://snowdrift.coop/donate if you want to help us out more right now,
and please let me know if you want to help us apply for grants or if you
can volunteer to help us in other ways toward our full alpha launch.

Thank you so much, apologies for the recent lull in communication.
Here's to moving ahead on the path to a free/libre/open cooperative future!

In harmony,
Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

P.S. thanks to Bryan, our lead developer, for getting us to this point
prompting this email. We will have more automated notifications of
crowdmatch events soon.

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