Hi everyone,

I updated the Code of Conduct last week:


Key changes:

* made several items positively framed instead of prohibitions

E.g. "Keep criticism constructive" instead of "No unconstructive criticism"

* added new item about keeping meta comments out of band

Specifically: "Keep meta comments outside of focused topics"

This is the most substantial change, but it's actually just an expansion
and clarification of items that were already present about not publicly
responding to objectionable posts and otherwise avoiding off-topic posts

(A short explanation of this item is in the CoC itself, see link above)

* added no-sexual-comments

This was actually not covered adequately by any previous entry even
though we had posts about unwarranted attention to other posters.

* changed order and improved some minor wordings

Unfortunately, our Discourse forum doesn't have quite as optimal a
flagging system as we had in our old integrated discussion boards, but
it's close, and we'll work on updating it as best we can to effectively
integrate the CoC with the flagging.

For elsewhere, like IRC, mailing lists, GitLab issues etc. we don't have
a formal, strict way to flag or enforce the CoC, but please do what you
can there anyway. Whenever a concern comes up, we will address it
privately and/or outside the original context so that it does not get in
the way of the initial discussion.

Feel free to reply with any questions or feedback.

Along with solidifying other governance, we will in the future have a
more formal process for updates like this.


Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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