Hi! This email list has been inactive for a long time, but that’s not
because work stopped on Snowdrift.coop — it’s because we’ve moved to our
new community forum at https://community.snowdrift.coop

Please join us there! It’s integrated with your main Snowdrift.coop
account, so no need to separately register.

Read more about the new forum at this blog post:

In other news, the main site has a new intro video! Also, initial
crowdmatching for us (as the first test project) is live.

We still have a lot to do to get fully operating. Your help and
encouragement makes a difference, so to stay engaged please come say
"hi" on the forum as a next step. We look forward to further discussion
with you there!

This discuss email list will be closing soon. Archives will remain at


Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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