Thanks for doing the audit, Evan, and for submitting the PR - this is a real improvement, and it'll help people a lot.



On 2016-09-22 4:07 AM, evan will wrote:
I don't have experience actually trying to use the lesson pages with a screen reader or text-to-speech, but from the point of view of accessibility audits, they seem to pass pretty well. I typically just quickly check using WAVE and "Accessibility Developer Tools" Chrome extension.

The lessons have just two issues that could be fixed easily:

1. The search box on the top bar does not have a label, so the <input> field would not be understandable to a screen reader. Should be able to fix just by adding aria-label, like: <input type="text" id="google-search" placeholder="Search..." aria-label="Search">

2. The previous + next navigation arrows at the top and bottom of the page are flagged because they don't have any text, just a glyphicon. They are <h3> and <a>, both of which need some text or alternative label so that a screen reader can make sense of their purpose.They probably shouldn't be <h3> since they don't have semantic meaning as a heading level, the page is just using the <h3> as a simple way to add the same styling. Then I think you can fix it by adding an aria-label to the <a> or a <div> around the arrows (like aria-label="Next lesson"), or you can add text that is only used for screen readers with bootstrap's .sr-only class.

Also, Google says the contrast between text and background in the top nav bar is too low, but its not a critical flag.

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    Hi Nelle,

    thanks for you tips to Leighton.

    > - Make sure your material are accessible (in that case, readable
    > a screenreader). Schema should be avoided. Text is fine. Most
    pdf are
    > accessible, most *simple* html is as well, but fancy javascript
    can be
    > problematic.

    I have the feeling that our online lessons aren't 100% accessible
    and having them 100% accessible is something that I'm in favour
    even if we need to raise the contribution bar a little.

    I don't have a screenreader and I failed to setup the speech-to-text
    last time that I tried. If you could ask one of your friends for 20-30
    minutes to have a look on any sessions/topics of our lessons,
    for example,
    and email me all the issues I will record the issues on GitHub
    and try to address them for our next release.



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