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Steve Bond and John Didion used the new "intro to Python for data analysis using Gapminder data" lesson at NIH recently; as well as filling in a bunch of exercises (thanks!), they rearranged the order of the episodes - you can see their version at https://biologyguy.github.io/python-novice-gapminder/. I've opened an issue at https://github.com/swcarpentry/python-novice-gapminder/issues/113 to discuss whether their order makes more sense than the original: on the one hand, it's a more logical bottom-up progression, but on the other, it means that the data analysis stuff takes longer to get to. Please add your comments to the issue: should we stick to the existing order, or use the NIH's?

Thanks to John and Steve, and thanks in advance for your feedback,


Dr Greg Wilson
Director of Instructor Training
Software Carpentry Foundation

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