rOpenSci has three Fellowships available. Deadline to apply Sept 1, 2017.
Please help us get the word out to the right people!

rOpenSci promotes a culture of open, transparent, and reproducible research
across various research domains. Everything we do, from developing
high-quality open-source software for data science and, software review, to
building community through events like our community calls and annual
unconference, is geared toward lowering barriers to reproducible, open

The rOpenSci Fellowship presents a unique opportunity for researchers who
are engaged in open source to have a bigger voice in their communities.
These fellowships are designed to support individual researchers and
collaborative efforts to help them do better science, build community
around projects or best practices, or develop some tools as part of ongoing
research that could impact one or more research domains.


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Stefanie Butland
rOpenSci Community Manager
Community Manager
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