This is a sweet idea. We already have a few videos up on the website:

I often find (especially with free workshops) that many learners do not
prepare (a significant portion do not even install software beforehand). I
would not expect many learners to watch videos before they come to class.

I find in-person Q&A/debugging and exercises to be very useful parts of the
workshop. When I teach the collaboration part of Git ([usually in line with
this]( I have pairs of
learners do a number of exercises (collaborator clones, edits, commits &
pushes; owner pulls; owner edits, commits & pushes; both edit, commit, push
at same time; both edit same line, commit, push) at their own pace. The
helpers & I check in with each group periodically and debug / discuss
concepts, conflicts in git, and so on. This takes 30-45 minutes, and if
some learners are advanced, I ask them to explore GitHub's UI, merges, pull
requests, and so on. This environment is most similar to the "flipped
classroom" that I've seen Software Carpentry taught.

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 2:07 AM, Peter Steinbach <>

> Hi to all,
> I was discussing the idea of an "inverted class room" teaching approach
> with a friend of mine who is a high school teacher (he uses that based on
> video recordings for his students ... just awesome AFAIK). I was hence
> wondering, if people have tried to teach the carpentry lessons in this way?
> This would mean, that I record some of the parts of a carpentry lesson in
> video(s) (10-15 minute each) and ask the students to watch these videos
> before the carpentry bootcamp! The in-presence part of the workshop is then
> used to do exercises and try to fortify the content of the videos.
> For me the biggest advantage of this approach is, that each learner can
> overcome the initial steep learning curve given their own speed of learning
> - which is a constant source of trouble when I teach.
> Looking forward to your feedback -
> Peter
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