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We are excited to release our new Carpentries Handbook
<https://docs.carpentries.org/>! Historically, our information and
resources have been spread across various websites, Google docs, GitHub
repos, and more. We now have a one-stop shop to consolidate all these
resources. In one place, you can now find information on how to run a
workshop, how to develop and maintain lessons, and how to sign up
for instructor training. You can also find out about Carpentries activities
through our many communication channels, including how to get involved in
our  global community. Many thanks to all the community members who helped
develop this content - this is of, by, and for all of you.

We share this to support you in your role in the Carpentries community,
whether that be as an instructor, a workshop host, a lesson maintainer, or
many of the other roles our community members take on.  We welcome
everyone's feedback on the Handbook. If something is missing or you can't
see information you need, please raise issues or submit pull requests to
this GitHub repo <https://github.com/carpentries/handbook>.

Check it out, provide feedback, and share with your fellow Carpenters!

Thanks everyone.

Maneesha Sane
*Program Manager*
*Instructor and Trainer*
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