Wesley Parish wrote:

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 17:22, Carl Spitzer wrote:
On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 18:34, Gary Edwards wrote:
Hi y'all,

Recently Netmanage contacted members of the ECCO Pro user group at
yahoo, signaling their willingness to open source the application.

A wiki site to discuss the proposal has been set up at:


I submitted a suggestion that the source code of ECCO be contributed to
OpenOffice.org for eventual inclusion in future cross platform versions
I have checked several times.  Where is this source code?

I popped on over to check it out, tried downloading the zipped file-to-be-open-sourced, but was stopped by "You need to supply a username and password to access this site"

I tried the time-honoured "anonymous" and email address, but it wasn't having any of that.

might I respectfully suggest that if Netmanage wants to get the Open Source version of ECCO Pro out to the widest segment of the population, it let anybody visiting the site, to download ECCO Pro with as little fuss as possible? The more fuss, the less interest; or so I've experienced.

Wesley Parish
First of all, the given link didn't work for me. But browsing around gave me the solution ( http://www.compusol.org/cgi-bin/epro.pl ).

Secondly, about the sign-up thing, CompuSol even apologizes for it but feels it necessary.

   Several areas of our site require EccoPro membership. We know that
   it is a pain to deal with registration and passwords, and we
   apologize for that, but hackers and their inappropriate posts,
   uploads and spam, especially at the EccoPro Wiki Home forced us to
   do so. To get your *EccoPro site membership*
   <http://www.compusol.org/adpass/html/ecco_reg.html> click *here*

Thirdly, while it is nice that NetManage is releasing EccoPro's source, can it really be integrated into OpenOffice.org? I am not a programmer, so that question is rhetorical. EccoPro was designed in the days of Windows 3. I have heard that it has divers problems, such as having a very low memory limitation that prevents it from holding much data. Would it be easier to just duplicate the functionality of EccoPro from scratch? But then, if I were right, and that were true, I am sure that it would have already been done, it being such a useful program (though that isn't necessarily true, many useful proprietary programs haven't yet been duplicated).

By the way, I am new here. My name is Iain Dalton, I live in the States, and have been using OpenOffice.org since the project started, and I used the free version of StarOffice distributed before that. I appreciate all the hard work Sun and many volunteers have put into this project, and the results show. Pleased to meet you all. I look forward to many enjoyable discussions.


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