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>  Hi Jesse,
> I'm trying to create a GRE interface with the latest master branch, in
> which the new vport GRE is integrated. So, I assume I can skip the first two
> steps from the instructions you gave before.
> 1. Unload the Linux ip_gre module if it already loaded
> 2. Load the OVS GRE module (ip_gre_mod.ko in the same directory as the main
> OVS module).
> 3. Create an interface of type "gre" using the config protocol.  The
> options field on the interface has several GRE specific choices such as
> remote_ip, local_ip, key, etc.
> 4. Connect the interface to a bridge and use it like a normal port.
> To do the step 3, create an interface of type "gre", I tried ovs-vsctl:
> ovs-vsctl create interface type=gre name=gre0 options=”remote_ip=x.x.x.x”
> which created a corresponding record in the interface DB.
> Then, calling ‘ovs-vsctl add-port br0 gre0’ failed with the errors saying
> there is no such device with a name gre0. Seems like the OVSDB wire protocol
> (used by ovs-vsctl and ovsdb-client) does not really configure OVS but just
> makes DB transactions.
> Can you please describe a little bit more about the step 3 and 4?

Sorry, I think I combined a few steps.  You actually have to create an
interface and then a port (the difference being that a port can contain more
than one interface for bonding but in this case there is only one).  You can
then add that port to a bridge.

For example:

je...@jesse-laptop:~/openvswitch$ sudo utilities/ovs-vsctl create interface
name=gre0 type=gre options:remote_ip=x.x.x.x

je...@jesse-laptop:~/openvswitch$ sudo utilities/ovs-vsctl create port
name=gre0 interfaces=[4d158f28-220b-4e6f-aa7c-9ded0b528bdf]

je...@jesse-laptop:~/openvswitch$ sudo utilities/ovs-vsctl add bridge br0
ports 13cd8b36-c52b-479d-a188-51ee36782ed4

Also, I should point out that while you are correct that you no longer need
to load a separate OVS GRE module, you do still need to unload the Linux
ip_gre module if it is loaded.
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