Hi everyone,

We are observing strange OVS behavior in some of our setups.

Sometimes, the traffic just stops flowing through veth or tap interfaces plugged into OVS bridge.

ovs-appctl ofproto/trace for sample packet show that OVS will output it to the correct port, and we see real traffic in a mirror port we add to OVS.

This persists until one re-initializes the interface with ip link set down && ip link set up. Then the traffic flow restores. Nothing changes in OF flows as per ovs-ofctl dump-flows, except cookie value, which I presume means OVS re-installed the flows. The OVS database remains the same as well, except stats.

How can we debug this? I'm giving a high-level overview without any details as I'm not seeking for the solution, just a way to find one. I'm okay with OVS internals and diving into the kernel.

Many thanks,
Valentine Sinitsyn
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