I don’t know where I can ask my question, so I did it here.

In our infrastructure we would like to build VXLAN tunnel between our 
datacenters and we use Openvswitch for that. The main issue we are now facing 
is the High Availability.

We’ve already try a solution with keepalived to do active-backup redundancy 
between our couple of OVS, but we ran sometimes into some L2 loops or package 
duplication due to keepalive lack of « fastness » for network applications like 
switching or routing.

So I was wonder if OVS support MCLAP like protocols? If not, someone could 
directe me to where I can started if I wanted to go into some dev? 

Is someone has already faced this kind of need? If yes, how did you solve it? 


Thierno IB. BARRY
Equipe d'Infrastructure
Polyconseil - Bluesolutions - Bolloré Group

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