Hi guys,

I'm setting up a restlet app at the moment, and I'd like to set it up so that 
if a user uses a browser to access a resource, he gets given a nicely formatted 
HTML page, but if he separately asks for XML or JSON he gets a machine parsable 
response.  Its all working well on Firefox, but I'm having some issues getting 
it working on Safari 4.

It looks like the problem is the Accept: header that is being sent in by 
Safari.  Its 


This causes the content negotiation process to favor xml as an output over 
html, as html has a priority of 0.9.  I tried xhtml, which has the same 
priority as xml, but it looks like it still chooses xml (presumably it is 
random which response you get if they have the same priority).

Is there a way I can override Safari's preferences?  I know that it is asking 
to have xml as the highest priority, but frankly I think that is wrong.

Any suggestions that you can give would be appreciated.



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