FWIW, the following change in HttpClientConverter.java seems to fix the NPE:

    public void commit(final HttpClientCall httpCall, Request request,
            Response response, final Uniform userCallback) throws Exception {
        if (httpCall != null) {
            // Send the request to the client
            httpCall.sendRequest(request, response, new Uniform() {

                public void handle(Request request, Response response,
                        Uniform callback) {
                    updateResponse(response, httpCall);
                    userCallback.handle(request, response, null);


> Hello,
> I am working with the GWT edition and trunk r5150 in order to get the recent 
> changes that fix content negotiation issues present in 2.0m3.
> I have a simple GWT app loosely based upon the RestletGWTSimpleExample. I 
> notice that I cannot get my GWT app to run in hosted mode without changing 
> the source element in GWT.gwt.xml. The trunk version specifies:
>   <source path="."/>
> which causes a "Non-canonical source path: ./" in the hosted mode browser 
> followed by numerous other derived errors. Changing the offending source 
> statement to:
>   <source path=""/>
> apparently solves the issue.
> I have not been able to find RestletGWTSimpleExample in the svn sources or on 
> the site other than through the link provided. Obviously there have been 
> changes made in the callback mechanism between 2.0m3 and the trunk version. 
> Attempting the following:
>         // Add an AJAX call to the server
>         final Client client = new Client(Protocol.HTTP);
>         client.get(PING_URL, new Uniform() {
>             public void handle(Request request, Response response, Uniform 
> callback) {
>               pingText.setText(res​ponse.getEntity().ge​tText());
>             }
>           });
> gets me past compilation issues but results in an NPE:
> [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped
> java.lang.NullPointerException: null
>     at 
> org.restlet.engine.h​ttp.HttpClientConver​ter$1.handle(HttpCl​ientConverter.java:3​84)
>     at 
> org.restlet.engine.h​ttp.GwtHttpClientCal​l$2.onResponseRecei​ved(GwtHttpClientCal​l.java:236)
>     at 
> com.google.gwt.http.​client.Request.fireO​nResponseReceivedImp​l(Request.java:264)
> So, I am wondering if I have the callback pattern properly coded, or maybe 
> this isn't yet ready for prime time?
> Also, it would be helpful if the RestletGWTSimpleExample source was in the 
> svn trunk and updated along with the core.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> ba


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