Hi David,

Thanks for the report. I've fixed the redirection conflict in SVN trunk and
1.1 branch. Let us know if it works better now.

Best regards,
Jerome Louvel
Restlet ~ Founder and Lead developer ~ http://www.restlet.org
Noelios Technologies ~ Co-founder ~ http://www.noelios.com

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Objet : RangeFilter and redirects

I ran across a problem that was causing the Daemon threads in our
WadlComponent-based server to enter a busy loop.  Essentially, if a Range
header was in the HTTP GET request but the server wanted to return a
redirection (e.g. via response.redirectSeeOther()), the entity would be
wrapped by a RangeRepresentation.  Tunnel in to that, and
RangeInputStream#read would loop here:

        // Reach the start index.
        while (!(position >= startIndex)) {
            position += skip(startIndex - position);

Aside from the likelihood that there's also a bug in the handling/wrapping
of a response entity that's too small for the range, my first question here
had to do with the status code of the response itself.  Should responses
that are not "successful" (2xx) be subject to wrapping in a




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