Hi all,

Starting with the Restlet Framework 2.3 M2 and 2.2.1 versions released
today, we will be announcing the new releases and security updates via an *HTML
newsletter*. As always, we cross post the content to our
 and Twitter @restlet_org <https://twitter.com/restlet_org/> account.

Registering to Tigris.org is a real barrier for new users who often prefer
to reach out on StackOverFlow or Twitter, so we think that offering this
direct information channel is necessary. We are also planning to migrate
from Tigris to Google Groups later this year.

To kick things off, we on-boarded existing subscribers to this mailing list
and also offer a clear way to subscribe to this newsletter when downloading
the framework <http://restlet.org/download/current>. If needed,
unsubscribing is just one click away.

We are also building some synergies between the open source Restlet
Framework and the APISpark full-stack PaaS under the *Restlet web API
platform* project at Restlet.org (see updated web site <http://restlet.org>)
to provide additional value to our open source community on the following

   1. API documentation (during development, once published, multiple
   2. API crafting (design contract, generate server skeleton)
   3. API usage (client SDKs, self-registration, sand-boxing, forking)
   4. API management (firewall, rate limitation, usage reports)
   5. API hosting (multi-tenant, containerization, cross-region)

As always, we look forward to better serving our community and welcome any
feed-back and contributions!

@jlouvel <http://twitter.com/#!/jlouvel>


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