Hey everyone,
I discovered an issue with the deployment of the restlet libraries in a project 
(XWiki) on the current Wildfly 8.1

When trying to deploy the application with the bundled libraries I get the 
following error:

Caused by: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DefinitionException: WELD-000075: Normal 
scoped managed bean implementation class has a public field:  
[EnhancedAnnotatedFieldImpl] public 

A bit of googleing and a peek into the source code showed me, that there is 
indeed a public field named contextResolver in the 
org.restlet.ext.jaxrs.internal.provider.AbstractJaxbProvider (in version 2.2.2) 
which is commented to be public for testing purposes. 

Is it possible to change the field to be private and test via a getter Method? 
Because like this restlets become unusable on Wildfly, at least on vanilla 



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