I have problem with the Restlet for Android. I downloaded ZIP file 
extract it and from the "\lib" folder I copy "org.restlet.jar" file to 
the project "\libs" file. I refreshed the project and run clean up the 
project. Then I compiled the project and try run server (I used this 
tutorial: http://restlet.com/learn/tutorial/2.2/, part 3. "Listening to 
Web browsers") but I get this error message:

No available server connector supports the required protocols: 'HTTP' . 
Please add the JAR of a matching connector to your classpath. Then, 
register this connector helper manually.

I tried to google some more information, but nothing work. Also post on 
the stackoverflow 
not help. I´m using Eclipse IDE and Android 4.0+.

What do you recommend? Can you help me?


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