Hi Roland,

That's great to hear about your success with Sencha GXT & Restlet/GWT!
I hope you can contribute back your fixes regarding exceptions.

Regarding v3, it's both a question of bandwidth for the core team, making
it harder to innovate while we have to maintain the v2 branch and support
several editions at the same time. Also, we want to build it on top of a
Netty IO foundation for better scalability, reative support and protocol
support so it is hard to see this API design work within a GWT edition
without excessive constraints.

But v3 is not going to be ready anytime soon, hopefully next year, and we
are continuing to maintain v2, with an upcoming v2.4 planned in Q3 for
example. So Restlet/GWT should be around and maintained for years to come :)

Best regards,

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 11:32 AM, Roland Beuker <roland.beu...@gmail.com>

> Hello Jerome,
> Why are you removing the GWT support from RestLet 3.X? I've developed a
> nice
> working Sencha-GXT/Restlet 'street' with a 'RestletProxy'.
> This works very well ...
> I'm only missing the annotated exceptions at this moment, but I am about to
> fix this.
> I would like to keep using GWT/GXT with the latest Restlet versions...
> Best regards,
> Roland
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