You may recall from my recent discussion regarding ways to display the data 
from my research project that I much prefer the interface made possible by the 
code at brainjar recommended to me by Sean Harrison. Now I'd like to explore 
implementing that method, and I'm looking for someone to help me do it since my 
web programming skills are so far out of practice. I don't know what a fair 
rate of pay would be for this - I'm hoping anyone who's interested might 
describe your skills briefly and suggest what you might charge per hour. I 
believe the only skills needed will be Javascript and CSS.
Basically, it's a matter of opening videos in DIV-simulated child windows in 
the manner of the version of the brainjar code I tweaked and placed at the link 
below (you'll need all the files other than demo.html (the brainjar original) 
to run it :

But I want the interface to look (and operate) like the one at this next link 
where the 'speaker' icons open audio and the 'filmstrip' icons open video 
(except that I want only the result in the second speaker icon (not the first 
one), and I don't want the built-in Acrobat Reader video style, but only the 
cleaner windows you see in the link just above:

(If you have any trouble with these links please let me know.)
The simplest approach may be to start by just making it work and go from there, 
but you may want to keep in mind that what I ultimately need is a work flow 
that I could teach to an intelligent and careful person with no need of web 
programming skills, who could then apply it to my hundreds of Word doc 
Among the challenges are that the interface I want - the one at the second link 
- has varied font sizes, some in bold, some in italics, some in small caps. I 
should also mention that the numbers of audio vs. video icons in each example 
will vary - usually no more than one or two of each type, however.
I would want most of the code that's the same across the HTML docs to be loaded 
from a library or an INCLUDE statement (however that's done in Javascript) so 
that the worker would not have to search long for the places that text or icons 
from the Word docs should be copied into the HTML (places that would also be 
clearly labeled in comments). I also suggest that a text file might be prepared 
listing the appropriate text to copy in for each video or audio file, text that 
would perhaps start with the <td> tag (which would include the appropriate CSS 
class), followed by the appropriate <img> tag, and an href or other means (such 
as an onclick=) that would include the URL to the media file, followed, of 
course by all the needed end tags. Then the worker could just go through the 
list and copy in the appropriate verbiage for each one. It would be easy for 
the worker to match these to the appropriate place in the document since 
everything has been assigned numbers.
As to the changes in font size, , etc., I haven't used ColdFusion's built-in 
IDE in years, but I assume that key combinations could be defined where the 
worker (or me if I do it myself) could select a portion of text and press the 
appropriate key combination to surround it with <b> or <i> tags, or the 
appropriate CSS.
An entirely different possibility I'll must mention (not as easy to tweak later 
but perhaps worth doing if it's less labor-intensive): if the latest version of 
Dreamweaver or a similar product makes it easy to design image maps, the 
existing Word docs could be turned into images, and the appropriate code could 
be attached to the icons within the image.
I hope one or more of you will be interested!
P.S. The project itself is one I expect you will find fascinating.


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