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> The plus side to forums is you can follow conversations you are
> interested in and ignore ones you are not.

This is also possible when using a mailing list because a number
of e-mail clients have newsreading mode to do just that.

> Mailing lists are fine
> for small groups of people, but when your group gets to be over a
> certain size and not everyone is interested in every single message,
> you need forums.

So, mailing lists are also fine for large groups of people.

> Also forums lend themselves better to getting newbies up to
> speed, because they can read the old threads and even ask
> questions or make comments upon them.

That is also possible when using a mailing list that is archived.
The archive allows people to read old threads, and the specific
messages to be questioned or commented can be downloaded into the
e-mail client to be replied.  In other words, mailing lists are
not worse than forums when it comes to getting newbies up to

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