The austrian ISP Inode requires to get the IP for the ethernet address with DHCP, replace the default route and then connect via PPTP/PPPoE ...

following procedure:

1.) Get the IP for the Ethernet Nic by using DHCP

2.) remove the default gateway which was set by DHCP and set up a host route to this gateway ( Host: modemip to the Gateway which we got from DHCP )

3.) Connect to the Provider's Gateway by PPTP or PPPoE

Now i have modified my pfsense Installation to do this procedure for me and created a patch.

The patch add's 2 new WAN Type's "DHCP_PPPOE" and "DHCP_PPTP" which both are configured to get the IP by DHCP "/etc/inc/interfaces.inc", replace the routes and connect via PPPoE/PPTP "/etc/rc.newwanip". i also updated "/etc/inc/filter.inc" to allow DHCP AND PPPoE/PPTP together.

Then i have learned "/etc/rc.bootup" my 2 new WAN Type's because it was bugging me about a unknown WAN cfg :)

At least i changed the "/etc/inc/interfaces.inc", now it knows the MTU which i was setting via the Web Interface *fg*


1.) pfsense version rc2f

2.) Test DHCP_PPPoE

currently i'm not able to do so... (next week i can test this, i hope...)

3.) Test PPPoE PPTP

I hope not but there could be troubles

4.) Test PPTP Server

same as above ...

I hope it find's it's way to the next official release which allow's me to recommend pfsense to my friends and Inode customers :)

Thx allot,

Rene Jochum

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