Hiya, nope didn't work.. (Im using RC2)

Basically here is my setup.

8 public ips from my isp.

I share my home internet with range and some of these
public ips on other machines.

I would like the router to have and my-public-ip-1

Then my other workstations/servers that have real public ips use
my-public-ip-1 as the default gateway and use their own public ips

Then workstations without real public ips, then they just route using
the 10.0.0 range and use the public ip on that router.

I've tried no end of combinations to get it working. The virtual ips
dont work properly (ie.. cannot ping that ip).. The only thing I can
do is assign virtual ip and do advanced outbound nat for vhosts.

You know the WAN interface? I would like to have multiple ips there.

** exactly like ifconfig and adding an alias.

The only ways I can see on pfsense is 1) do the alias manually in
shell or 2) add another NIC. But the NIC would cause a loop in the
network. :(


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> You can add additional IPs at firewall>Virtual IP. After you added
> them there you can use these for NAT. Make sure you add appropriate
> firewallrules for this additional traffic (let them autocreate when
> using protforwarding, it sets up the right rules for you).

> Holger

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>> Try
>> Interfaces > Assign > VLAN
>> I think this is what you want
>> ---Robert
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>> > 
>> > Hi there,
>> > 
>> > I have 8 ips with my isp and would like to use PPPoE on my
>> > linksys router.. I can do this but for 1 ip.
>> > 
>> > Is there anywhere that I can set a local ip eg and then
>> > my isp ip range which is say One IP is a dedicated
>> > router IP and I would like that ip on the pfsense router. It can be
>> > done manually if I ssh into the machine, but cannot find anywhere to
>> > add another ip to the WAN interface.
>> > 
>> > I hope I explained it clearly.
>> > 
>> > Any ideas?
>> > 
>> > Many thanks,
>> > Chris
>> > 
>> >

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