I should now have enough resources (4 GByte RAM) to start
fiddling around with the whole BGP table. As I have very
little netop clue, from where can one receive a full
feed? I do not have PI space nor an AS number, 
obviously. I hope to be able to obtain enough clue
and finances eventually to get PI space (probably
IPv6, as IPv4 PI should be getting terribly scarce
rather soon).

I see there's a OpenBGPD package in 2.0-BETA4 list,
as well as OpenOSPFD (the latter is only used within
an AS, apparently). Is it possible to set up to receive
a full routing table without having one's own AS?

How would one go about to make sure one's modifications
do not get published by mistake? I'd rather try to avoid
screwing up somebody's routes by a rookie mistake, for
obvious reasons. This is just a lab.


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