On 11/12/2010 2:01 PM, Nathan Eisenberg wrote:
> I have a customer who wants to be able to automate IP blackholing on their 
> PFSense firewall from their custom IDS.  In essence, the application wants to 
> go something like 
> 'I'm being abused by this IP'
> 'POST HTTPS://GATEWAY/pfapi.php?alias=blocklist&ip='
> 'POST HTTPS://GATEWAY/pfapi.php?action=apply'
> There was a post about this some time ago, and the answer at the time was 
> 'there's no such functionality'.  Is there anything new on this front?

There isn't anything in the XMLRPC API we have for that yet.

I would suggest you could do this via easyrule.php in 2.0, but I think
the recent http_referer and/or csrf checks may mean that will no longer
work if done remotely.


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