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> It's a lot of time I'm using PF and I really appreciate it. The guys
> are doing a very good job.
> I'm successfully using PF 2.0-RC3, even on Alix (embedded)  an
> installed on PC,  with ipsec vpn, OVPN, carp for failover, WAN in load
> balancing on 2 diffrent ADSL lines, etc. Everything is working really
> fine.
> But a few days ago I encountered a problem that I cannot understand
> and resolve: I've been upgrading a couple of PF installed on pc
> (configured in failover with CARP, 5 nics) from release 1.2.3 to
> 2.0-RC3. 
> In version 1.2.3 and all the previous updates have everything been
> working fine.
> After the upgrade to 2.0-RC3 I had just one problem, but because of
> this I had to revert to 1.2.3.
> Here is the problem:
> After the upgrade to version 2.0-RC3 every protocol is filtered fine
> out of the SMTP traffic from the e-mail provider to the internal
> MailReley server. Reverting to 1.2.3 it works fine again.
> An inspetction to the traffic made through a mirror port on the switch
> shows the different behaviours reported below
> Hrere are the anonimized data sniffed with related to 
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