On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 11:46 +0200, Nadav Har'El wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 20, 2005, Omer Zak wrote about "Re: Goals of Hamakor? Putting the 
> political process back into control?":
> > Even having representatives sitting on the advisory board of another
> > organization causes Hamakor to assume more roles than the minimal ones
> > of money management and focal point for Public Relations & External
> > Politics.  This would, for example, force the board to decide who will
> > be Hamakor's representatives in the advisory board (or at least how they
> > will be chosen).
> Omer, not everyone agrees with you that Hamakor's board needs to "assume the
> minimal role of money management and focal point of PR". In fact, much of the
> cry-outs against the board on this list in the past few months have been
> exactly against this: people said that Hamakor's board is doing *too little*
> and restricting its scope too much to what you described as its ideal role.

As someone pointed out in the General Assembly, netiquette is against
E-mail messages saying only "I agree with him".  Therefore, traffic in
netiquette-abiding mailing lists consists mostly of several colors of
disagreement with the status quo.

> Moreover, we have an example of a fruitful case of "having representatives
> sitting on an advisory board of another organization" this year: the board
> chose Edi and myself to sit on the advisory board for ISOC-IL initiative to
> fund free software (see http://www.isoc.org.il/open/).

The other organization already exists, and the Free Software community
has an interest in influencing it.  So sending there representatives is
in accordance with the PR and lobbying roles of Hamakor.

I may not have used the best terminology, but as I understand it,
Hamakor was founded in order to accomplish those wishes of the Free
Software community in Israel, which need an official body i.e. money
handling, public relations contact person, lobbying with the government
and other organizations.

Hamakor was not founded to actually accomplish projects.  Hamakor was
founded to help people accomplish projects.

Anything, which can be easily accomplished without an official body
(like holding Linux clubs, participation in exhibitions, maybe even
maintaining a Web site) - should not be done by Hamakor.

>  In a couple of week,
> when the results of this initiative are announced by ISOC-IL, you'll see
> just how fruitful this kind of cooperation can be. (Hint for the impatient:
> we wouldn't have had this kind of money in 10 years, if it weren't for

I approve of your and Edi's nomination to the ISOC-IL advisory board for
the aforementioned initiative.  This approval is not conditional upon
the results.  If you failed rather than succeeded (as hinted above),
then I'd approve participation in the advisory board the same (at most
suggesting replacing the actual representatives).

> Hamakor's board were not elected to be puppets: we (hopefully) elected
> people we trust, and we want them to make decisions, even tough decisions
> and decisions that give them "power" over allocating money and people.

Contrariwise, I'd rather have a situation, in which the board members
play minimal role.  The actual moving and shaking should be done by
volunteer projectors (like you and Edi).
                                            --- Omer
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